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Kampa Island

kampa island

Kampa Island

With a central and privileged location, Campa Island is the liveliest park in Prague. It is located in Malá Strana, just below the Charles Bridge.

Kampa Island is bathed by the Vltava River and the Čertovka creek, an arm of Vltava whose translation could be "Devil's River". Legend has it that the name of the river comes from a sulky laundress who whitened clothes on this river.

Grand Prior Mill

In its origins, besides being the island where many women washed the clothes, the Island Kampa was known by the mills that the Čertovka made turn quickly. Today you can find the Grand Prior Mill and its 8 meter diameter wheel.

In Kampa Island you can not only enjoy a pleasant walk, but in its surroundings are some of the most romantic restaurants in Prague.

The wall of John Lennon

Leaving the Kampa Island by the bridge of the Mill of the Grand Prior you will arrive at the Grand Priory Square. In this square is the Wall of John Lennon, with a more historical interest than visual.

The Wall of Lennon meant the peaceful protest against the communist regime, in which they were written phrases that were erased with the same speed that they appeared again. At the moment it is a wall full of graffiti.

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