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Mount Petřín

Mount Petn

Mount Petřín

Mount Petřín is one of the most beloved places of relaxation in Prague, its gardens, an old vineyard, are preferred by the people of Prague for strolling and even sunbathing.

To reach the 138 meters that separates the top of the city, you can go walking through its gardens or take the funicular from the street Újezd.

Petřín Tower

With its 60 meters of height and a structure similar to the Eiffel Tower, the Petřín Tower is the highest viewpoint in Prague. From its upper terrace to 51 meters of height you will be to 200 meters of altitude on the Vltava river.

The resemblance of the Petřín Tower to the most important monument in Paris is not accidental. The Petřín Tower was built two years after the Eiffel Tower, in 1891, for the National Exhibition of Prague.

Labyrinth of mirrors

Situated just a few meters from the previous tower is another loop of the Prague Exposition of 1891, the Labyrinth of Mirrors.

Inside there is a small labyrinth and a room of convex mirrors. If you travel with children and are excited you can enter, but the price does not compensate the experience

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