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Concentration Camp of Terezín


Concentration Camp of Terezín

Terezín is a town located 61 kilometers northwest of Prague known for its concentration camp, the Concentration Camp of Theresienstadt.

The two fortresses

Terezín is divided into two parts, the big fortress and the small fortress. The first was a Jewish ghetto where more than 150,000 Jews lived and the second was the concentration camp that can be visited today. It must be remembered that this was a concentration camp, not one of extermination; In it many Jews died and many others were sent to the death camps.

In the concentration camp you will visit the barracks, courtyards, cells and other rooms. There is an underground tunnel of almost one kilometer for the inmates, the route is distressing and becomes really long.

With the full entrance you can enter the concentration camp, the barracks, the museum of the ghetto, the cemetery and the crematorium. This last part is located outside the big fortress and will be one of the most impressive images of the trip.

The other image that will mark you is the one of the school. In it you will see drawings from the time of the Great War, drawings made by children who lived the war from beginning to end. Very distressing.

With the entrance you will be given a plane that is very useful, as the size of Terezín is quite large and is all separated.

How to get to Terezín

To get to Terezín you have several options: rent a car, hire a guided tour or go by bus on your own.

The bus departs from Holesovice station, takes an hour to arrive and will leave you in the small fortress. On the way back you will be taken in the central park of the big fort, and will leave you in Prague in another different station, in which you can take the metro.

It is advisable?

The visit to Terezín will make you feel as if you were living in World War II. At some point the sensation can be overwhelming and, for its few tourists, the immersion is total. The atmosphere is like that of the movie The Pianist or games like Silent Hill.

Visiting Terezín is not recommended for those who only look for a nice postcard, the theme has to be striking and you have to go knowing what it says there: the history of the holocaust.

The whole visit will take you about 4 hours.

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