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Synagogues of Prague

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Synagogues of Prague

One of the most common routes in Prague is to visit the six Jewish synagogues still standing in Josefov, the Jewish quarter.

The synagogues are as follows:

Pinkas Synagogue

Founded in 1479 and situated at the entrance of the Jewish Cemetery, the Pinkas Synagogue is one of the most famous in Prague. On its walls are inscribed the names of the 77,297 Czechoslovak Jews killed by the Nazis.

In Pinkas synagogue you will also find a large collection of drawings made by children who were in the Terezín concentration camp.

Maisel Synagogue

Built at the end of the 16th century, the synagogue was the victim of the fire of 1689, at that time it was rebuilt in the Baroque style and at the end of the 19th century it was remodeled in neo-Gothic style. Since 1960 contains a large collection of Jewish objects: books, decorative objects, fabrics, silver, etcetera.

Spanish Synagogue

Built in 1868, it acquired the name "La Española" because of its Moorish decoration, very similar to the Alhambra in Granada. In its interior we can see an exhibition on the life of the Jews in the last decades.

Klausen Synagogue

Built in 1694, it houses a large collection of Hebraic texts and, like the Pinkas synagogue, drawings by Terezín made by the children who were there.

The Klausen synagogue is located at the exit of the Jewish Cemetery.

High Synagogue

Built in the 16th century and financed by Mordechai Maisel, the Alta synagogue has two floors: on the upper floor there is a collection of fabrics, curtains and silver objects, while on the ground floor there is a small souvenir shop.

Entrance to the synagogues

The entrance of the synagogues is valid for all and includes access to the Jewish Cemetery. When you buy the ticket you will be given a very useful little map to reach the different synagogues.

Old-New Synagogue

This synagogue is the oldest in Europe still in operation and is one of the first Gothic buildings in Prague. It was built in 1270.

The entrance to this synagogue must be purchased separately.

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