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Jewish Cemetery of Prague

Jewish Cemetery of Prague

Jewish Cemetery of Prague

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague is an overwhelming place that has its own history. Located in Josefov, it was for over 300 years it was the only place where it was allowed to bury the Jews in Prague.

A place where time has not passed

The Jewish cemetery was created in 1439 (thus the first tombstone of Avigdor Karo dates) and, although it was growing over the years, it did not extend all due and at the moment one can appreciate all its intácto character.

Due to the lack of space the bodies were buried one on top of another (reaching more than 10 stacks). To date, more than 12,000 headstones can be seen and an estimated 100,000 people may have been buried.

Avoid queues

As a recommendation, if there is a queue in the cemetery, you can buy the ticket at any of the Jewish synagogues and then go back and access it directly. The entrance is combined and is valid for both places.

A must see

The visit to the Jewish Cemetery in Prague can not be described in any other way that is not essential. For many visitors, among which we find ourselves, is the most impressive place of the city and represents part of its history. Our advice is to spend the day visiting the whole neighborhood, made up of the cemetery and some synagogues and unique buildings. There is an information center next to the cemetery where you can pick up some map of the area and rent the audio guides to make the most of the visit.

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