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Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery

The Monastery of Strahov belongs to the order of the Mostenses and was founded by Vladislao II in 1143. The present Baroque aspect dates from the end of the 17th century. During its history many reforms have been necessary to repair the damage caused by enemy incursions.

Inside the monastery is the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It contains the remains of St. Norbert, the founder of the Mostense Order, as well as an organ in which Mozart played several times during his visits to Prague. The church can only be accessed during worship time.

Most rooms only open to the public during exhibitions and can not be visited. The rooms that are always open are the library and the gallery.

The library of the Strahov Monastery has two rooms that to a certain extent recall the Baroque library of the Clementinum: the Baroque Theological Hall and the Classical Philosophical Hall. They contain books and manuscripts from the Middle Ages, illustrations and globes.

In addition to these rooms has a small zoological exhibition where you can see various animals dissected.

Art Gallery

The Strahov Monastery has one of the most important art galleries in Central Europe.

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