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The Loreto of Prague


The Loreto of Prague

Loreto (Loreta in Czech) is one of the most important pilgrimage centers in Prague. The origins of Loreto date from 1626, although it was in later decades when the building acquired its present appearance.

House of the Virgin Mary

This house is a replica of the supposed house where the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary took place. The original house is located in Loreto (Italy). In the architecture they emphasize the sculptures and reliefs of the exterior walls.

The House of the Virgin Mary is the most important point of Loreto and is the reason for the construction of the cloister and its chapels. The construction of the Santa Casa began on June 3, 1626.
Church of the Nativity

Located on the opposite side of the main gate of Loreto is this religious temple with sinister relics. As an example we can mention the two skeletons dressed and wax masks that are near the altar.

As in many other religious places, Loreto has a small museum with various liturgical objects. The most valuable object is the famous Diamond Monstrance, dating to the end of the 17th century and contains 6,222 diamonds embedded.

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