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Prague Castle

the castle

Prague Castle

Prague Castle, built in the 9th century, is the largest castle in the world and the most important of the monuments of the Czech Republic. Away from the idea of ​​medieval castle with fortified aspect, Prague Castle is composed of a set of beautiful palaces and buildings connected by small and picturesque alleys.

It can be said that the history of Prague begins with the construction of the castle, its strategic location soon made it the center of the territory and was the residence of the Kings of Bohemia since its foundation by Prince Borivoj.

In 1918 the Prague Castle became the residence of the president of the Czech Republic and since then the president has his office there.

What to see in the Castle

The castle has countless buildings with an important historical and artistic value, these are some of the most outstanding:

  • St. Vitus Cathedral: With an important history and a remarkable artistic value, St. Vitus Cathedral is the symbol of Prague and the whole of the Czech Republic.
  • Alley of gold: The small Alley of gold is one of the most welcoming corners of the interior of the castle. Occupied by colorful houses that once housed goldsmiths, today the area has interesting artisan shops.
  • Old Royal Palace: Built in the 9th century as a primitive wooden palace, the old palace underwent major changes to become the impressive building that is preserved today.
  • Basilica and St George's Convent: Founded in 920, the former basilica was enlarged in 973 with the construction of the convent, which now houses the nineteenth-century bohemian art collection of the National Gallery in Prague.
  • Daliborka Tower: Famous prison of the city that in its beginnings housed the members of the nobility, but that later happened to become a more common prison.
  • Black Tower: Known under that name because of a fire that left it blackened, this tower served as a prison for the debtors, prisoners who had numerous privileges.
  • White Tower: Tower used as a prison for members of the nobility.
  • Powder Tower: Built in the 15th century as part of the fortification of the castle, this tower was converted into the laboratory of the alchemists of King Rudolf II.

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