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Church of St. Nicholas

st. nicholas church

Church of St. Nicholas

The Church of St. Nicholas of Malá Strana (not to be confused with that of Staré Město) is considered the most beautiful baroque building in Prague. If the Cathedral of San Vito is the masterpiece of Gothic, the Church of San Nicolás is the Baroque.

The construction of the church began in 1673 by order of the Jesuits, being the first buildings finished the parochial building and the school. Although the works finished in 1752, masses began to officiate in 1711.

In the square of access to the church is the Column of the Plague with the statue of the Holy Trinity. It was built in 1715 by Alliprandi.


The interior of the Church of St. Nicholas is filled with art, from the paintings on its ceilings and vaults to the sculptures that adorn the walls. The architect creator of the set was K. I. Dientzenhofer, being this church its masterpiece.

Tower climb

The Tower of the Church of St. Nicholas is one of our favorites of Prague, the climb is exciting and has several rooms half way that can be visited. In these rooms you will learn a lot about the history of the bells and their various functions.

From the 65 meters of height that has the tower you can see the whole district of Malá Strana. During the communist era it was used by the secret forces to monitor foreign embassies.

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