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The Clementinum is the second largest architectural complex in the city behind the Prague Castle. In its origins was the headquarters of the Jesuit college and university.

The foundation of the Clementinum dates back to the 11th century. In 1232 the Dominicans occupied the church of San Clemente (from which he inherited the name) and built their monastery. In 1556 the Jesuits arrived in Prague and, after buying the building, began an extension that would last almost 200 years.

For more than two centuries the Clementinum has housed the National Library. At the moment it also offers concerts of organ and classical music.

Guided tour of the Clementinum

The guided tour consists of three parts: the Baroque Library, the Meridian Hall and the Astronomical Tower.

Chapel of the Mirrors

The Chapel of the Mirrors gets its name from the dozens of mirrors that are incorporated in the ceiling and hung from the walls. The chapel has several paintings and in it is the original organ of the XVIII century where it touched W.A. Mozart.

Baroque Library

With thousands of books and dim light, the Clementinum Baroque Library will transport you into the past making you imagine the hundreds of stories that occurred there. One of the most beautiful pictures of Prague.

Astronomical Tower

Used in its origins as a viewpoint, from the middle of the eighteenth century was used by scientists like Josef Stepling to make astronomical observations. At 68 meters high the Astronomical Tower offers a 360 degree view over the historic center.

As you ascend to the tower you will pass through the Hall of Meridians, room with two large quadrants that served to measure the height of stars and celestial movements. This room was also used to know when it was midday and to communicate it to the inhabitants of Prague.

Is it advisable to do the guided tour?

Although at the beginning of the visit in the Chapel of the Mirrors you have the sensation of being wasting time, as you go through the other rooms everything becomes much more interesting. If you know English, the guided tour is highly recommended.

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