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Municipal House

municipal house

Municipal House

Located next to the Powder Tower, the Municipal House (Obecní dům) is the most prominent of the Art Nouveau buildings in Prague. It is located in the old site of the Royal Court, at the point where the old part of the city gives way to the newer area.

In addition to the undoubted artistic importance of the building, this one also has a great historical importance because in 1918 it was the scene of the historical proclamation of the Independence of Czechoslovakia.

A striking construction

The building of the Municipal House has a beautiful façade decorated with stucco and numerous statues plus a huge semicircular mosaic that extends over the main entrance.

The interior houses the main concert hall of Prague, a splendid space crowned by an impressive glass dome. The building also has numerous facilities such as conference rooms, a cafeteria and a restaurant.

To enjoy the building briefly, it is best to venture into its café and enjoy a drink in a historic setting. If you have time, you can also eat at the restaurant.

If you want to know more the interior of the Municipal House, you can choose to take a guided tour, although these are only done in English and Czech.

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