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Powder Tower

powder tower

Powder Tower

The Powder Tower (Prašná brána) is a blackened gothic tower located at the entrance to the Old City, which today composes one of the most representative symbols of the city.

A covered bridge connects the dark tower with the bright Municipal House, with which it forms a peculiar contrast.

The past of the tower

The tower was built in 1475 as one of the 13 gates of the fortified wall that gave access to the city. In 1541 it was destroyed by a devastating fire, but in a matter of little time was rebuilt. Years later, during the seventeenth century, the tower began to be used as a storage place for gunpowder, due to which it acquired its current name.

The tower from the inside

The Powder Tower offers the possibility of accessing its interior to contemplate the "City of One Hundred Towers" from the top of one of the most special. In its interior it hosts an exhibition on the history of Prague and its towers.

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