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Charles Bridge

charles bridge

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is the most famous monument in Prague and connects the Old Town (Staré Město) with the Small Town (Malá Strana). With more than 500 meters of length and 10 of width, the Charles Bridge had in its day 4 lanes destined to the passage of carriages. Currently it is pedestrian.

The Charles Bridge receives its name from its creator, Charles IV, who laid the first stone in 1357 to replace the Judith Bridge, which was destroyed by a flood.

The statues of the Charles Bridge

Along the bridge you will find 30 statues located on both sides of it, many of which are copies since the originals are in the National Museum of Prague and Vyšehrad and were built in the early eighteenth century.

The first statue that was added in 1683 was that of San Juan Nepomuceno. Juan Nepomuceno was thrown to the river in 1393 by order of Wenceslao IV and in century XVIII was sanctified.

Make a wish

In the place from where it was thrown to the water San Juan Nepomuceno is its statue. It is said that whoever asks for a wish by placing his left hand on the representation of his martyrdom (at the base of the statue), it will be granted.

Crossing the bridge we will find, besides the statues, stands and artists trying to make a living.

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