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Prague Astronomical Clock

prague astronomical watch

Prague Astronomical Clock

The Prague Astronomical Clock is the most famous medieval clock in the world. It was built in 1410 by master clockmaker Hanus and perfected by Jan Taborsky in the 16th century. The legend says that in order that Hanus did not repeat his work, the councilors left him blind.

The clock is located in the building of the town hall and consists of three parts.

The lower sphere of the Clock Tower represents the months of the year through paintings made by Mánes. You can also see the signs of the zodiac and, in the center, the Coat of Arms of the Old City.

The calendar has four small sculptures: a philosopher, an angel, an astronomer and an orator.

The Astronomical Clock

The upper sphere of the Clock Tower is the Astronomical Clock itself. Its function was not to give the hour, but to represent the orbits of the Sun and the Moon.

Explaining the components of the watch is complicated task, but if you want you can see this explanatory video.

The animated figures

The main attraction of the watch is the parade of the twelve apostles that occurs every time the clock strikes the hours. This parade occurs in the upper windows of the Astronomical Clock.

In addition to the apostles you will find four additional figures: Turkish, Greed, Vanity and Death, a skeleton that pulling the rope marks the beginning of the parade.

Climb to the Clock Tower

If you want to get a good view of the Old Town Square, the best thing you can do is go up to the Clock Tower of the Town Hall.

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